GENERAL ELECTION: Tuesday, November 4, 2014
POLLS OPEN: 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Helping the Middle Class

Across the state people are being priced out of their homes, and communities – particularly the suburbs and Upstate – are struggling as property tax bills have skyrocketed over the years. As a percentage of personal income, New York has the highest local taxes in the nation – 79 percent above the national average.

Neil helped to pass a 2-percent property tax cap – accompanied by a mandate relief package – to hold the line on taxes and prevent more Middle Class families from being driven out of their homes and our state.

Now that we have a cap, we must remain focused continuing to remove unfunded mandates that have caused schools and local governments to treat taxpayers like their personal bank account. 

The tax cap will force government to finally live within its means and start reducing the burden on Middle Class families.

Unfunded mandates are the main driver behind the state’s ever increasing property taxes. The mandate relief package we passed will save school districts and municipalities more than $125 million a year, helping lower property taxes for people across the state.

We are also empowering local governments. Under the newly established Executive Mandate Relief Council, local governments can petition the Council for permanent relief from burdensome or costly regulations.

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