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Creating Jobs and Rebuilding New York’s Economy

Neil has always known just how important a job was. He didn’t have to look further than  his father who worked hard to put food on the table and his mother who kept the family on a forward path to public service.

As a State Senator, Neil understands how the state can play a pivotal role in creating new jobs and putting people back to work.  Neil is proud of how the Capital Region has become a leading economic driver for all of New York State.  You need look no further than during President Obama’s most recent visit to the Capital Region when he proclaimed, “You have an outstanding university.  Now I want what’s happening in Albany to happen across the country.”  

This visit came following the announcement that The College of  Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) of the University at Albany, is going to be expanding their facilities once again.   It is expected that the 13,000 jobs that have already been created by the CNSE will double in the next five years.  Since its inception in 2004, CNSE has quickly gained recognition, both on and off campus, as a leader and pioneer in nanotechnology education, research and economic outreach.

NYSUNY 2020, which Neil helped strongly advocated for,  will also help create economic opportunities  for regions across this state, including the Capital Region, by providing those campuses with the support necessary for them to become world class institutions.

Working with the Governor, Neil and his colleagues helped to establish 10 Regional Economic Development Councils, which will bring together business, government, and academic leader in every region of the state to serve as a coordinated point of contact for efforts to further stimulate economic development and create even more jobs
Neil also worked with his Senate colleagues to pass a permanent “Economic Benefit Power Program” to streamline and build on the success of “Power for Jobs” and other successful low cost power for economic development programs across the state.

The new program has helped to protect 250,000 jobs by qualifying business around the state for seven-year agreements for low-cost energy which will provide them the financial stability to attract and maintain long-term employment commitments. The program takes a comprehensive approach to using low-cost power and the resources of the New York Power Authority to maximize retention and job creation across New York. 

The Excelsior Jobs Program was another initiative Neil supported in order to create new jobs right here in the Capital Region and across the state. Excelsior is a $1.25B investment over 10 years that will provide tax credits to strategic industries, including green technologies, implements stringent accountability standards and caps program spending to ensure the wisest investment of hard-earned taxpayer dollars. The Excelsior program was improved to provide tax incentives to targeted industries, such as emerging green technologies, encouraging them to stay or move to New York, bring increased revenue and employment opportunities.

Neil understands how important business retention and expansion as well as attraction is to our local economies in upstate New York. In order to expand business in our communities, we need to welcome new investment in order to create new jobs and strengthen the entire upstate economy.

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