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An Even Greener New York

New York State is already a leader in being green but Neil knows there’s always more we can do.  We must implement protections to reduce waste and pollution in order to make the Capital District and the rest of New York a healthier and more vibrant state for generations to come.

Neil and his Senate colleagues have made environmental protection and enhancing New York’s position as a “green” leader in our 21st Century economy a top priority. Neil recognizes the economic opportunities for New York through the enactment of fiscally and environmentally responsible bills.  He has been an active supporter and is currently cosponsoring the following legislation:

  • Global Warming Pollution Control Act – Requires the Department of EnvironmentalConservation to promulgate rules and regulations establishinglimits on greenhouse gas emissions. This regulatory process must ensure that the resulting emission limits do not impose undue environmental or economic hardship. 
  • Defining Hazardous Fracking Waste–Requires hazardous wastes produced from oil and natural gas activities to be subject to the requirements for treatment ofhazardous wastes. Failure to properly classify waste that meets this threshold could present a real danger to public health and the environment. If not treated properly, hazardous waste can, among other concerns, lead to contaminated air, drinking water, soil, and food.
  • Child Safe Products Act–Provides greater regulation of children's products to ensure their health and well-being. It is intended to prevent the use of dangerous chemicals and ensure the use of safer chemical alternatives in children's products. Solar Industry Development and Jobs Act of 2011–Allows for the creation of a solar renewable energy credit program to stimulate the installation of solar projects in New York State, and most importantly, create thousands of good paying jobs in the process.
  • Enhancing the Environmental Protection Fund–Amends the environmental conservation law and the state finance law, in relation to requiring retained deposits on unredeemed containers to be deposited into the environmental protection fund

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